The MJF Fund for Cancer Research
As the story below will note, The MJF Fund has become a part of Families for a Cure. This site will remain open in honor my parents Malcolm and Joyce Friedman, however 
please visit www.familiesforacure.org for future events and information.

Our history, as shared by Eric Friedman, Vice President, Families for a Cure.

   Having lost both of my parents to Cancer, my father in 1990 and my mother in 2005, I decided to take action. In honor or my parents, Malcolm and Joyce Friedman, I established the the MJF Fund for Cancer Research.

   I was introduced to Pat Puhl in the spring of 2006.  Pat had founded a golf tournament called The Double Bogey Invitational. The tournament at the time was used as a social event so that friends from college could continue to get together once a year. Pat and I met over lunch, and after knowing each other for exactly 30 minutes we decided to start to transform The Double Bogey (DBI) from a social gathering-to a social gathering with a purpose. Our goal was to start to raise money for Cancer research.  Due to Pat’s hard work from the previous years, there was already an established field of players.  We had two months before the DBI  tee time, and with the help of volunteers knocking on doors and asking for donations, we raised $3,500.

Over the last 6 years the tournament has grown.  The 2010 DBI raised $35,000 and in 2011 we raised almost $50,000.  To date, we have raised almost $150,000 for cancer research and patient care and advocacy programs. We have grown with the help of a great DBI committee, and fantastic friends. The initial “MJF Fund” has transitioned into a 501c3 foundation entitled Families for a Cure. Monies raised by this foundation currently go to The Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and to The American Cancer Society.  The name was developed as most of our board members through the last few years, if not before, have all been effected by Cancer in some form.  We realized this disease effects many people, and hence many families.  The name Families for a Cure came from this.